Santiago Garamendy is a surfer from an unknown beach in the south of the Atlantic Ocean.

He conquered the most desired, powerful, dangerous and mystical waves in the world. For the last 16 years, he has been working within the organization of the Triple Crown of Surfing, the great international tournament which takes place every year between november and december on Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii.

His brother, Ramiro Garamendy, has lost in life during a particularly cold winter in Mar de Plata. He is sorely missed. He was a surfer and a lifeguard, but he was, first of all, a great companion in Santiago’s life. After the shock of this tragic event, Santiago still couldn’t come to terms with this relationship. To him, Ramiro is still around, that’s why he decides to honor the deal they made when they were children.



about the film

ORIGINAL TITLE : Un Ritual Inexplicable
ENGLISH TITLE : An Inexplicable Ritual
Duration : 120 minutes
GENRE : Documentary
COUNTRIES : Argentina+Mexico+France
LOCATIONS : Argentina / Pays Basque / Hawaï

DIRECTION & SCÉNARIO : Agustin Elías Samprón PRODUCTION : Nina Wara Carrasco – MaritaCirigliano – Santiago Escobar DIRECTION ASSISTANT: Tobías Cédola DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY : Ignacio Izurieta LIVE SOUND : Guillermo Mascioli LIGHTS : Jean Pierre Bourdelois EDITING : Omar Guzmán POST PRODUCTION : Marco Hernández SOUND DESIGN : José Miguel Enríquez PROJECT CORRECTION : Jorge Areta – Marita Cirgliano – Eugenia Giménez ADVISORS : Santiago Garamendy – Luis Pérez Orsi – Jorge Areta MUSICAL ADVISOR : Horacio Quiroga ART DIRECTION : Rolan Dropsy GRAPHIC DESIGN : Rolan Dropsy – Eugenia Giménez – Florencia Valdez ENGLISH TRANSLATION : Santiago Escobar – Aurélie Loiseau-Nez FRENCH TRANSLATION : Eugenia Giménez

PRE PRODUCTION : 6 weeks (november-december 2018)
PRODUCTION : Stage 1 – Mar del Plata (Argentina) one week – April 2019 // Stage 2 – Pays Basque (Spain) one week –  august 2019 // Stage 3 – Oahu (Hawai) 3,5 weeks –  november 2019
POST PRODUCTION : January to june 2020
PREMIERE : July 2020


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